Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Our Animals

 Ty riding Scout for the first time. 
Our goats and a Kid.

Ty was getting his first pony ride on Saturday.  He did quite well.  Not a whimper out of him! 
Last Saturday we brought goats home to our barn.  Three Nannies and one Kid.  Two Nannies are about to have babies, so we are really excited about that! Bailey, Tayler, and Jake are each purchasing a Kid as an investment.  They have worked hard and saved the money to do so.  The baby that Tayler is holding is Jake's kid. He named her Jumpy (self explanatory name, right!?)  Bailey and Tay will choose their kid from the babies that come this month.  

Let me tell you how we hauled the goats home. he he he...

We do not have a pickup.  We don't have anything by which to haul animals home.  So, I took to the internet and googled 'how to haul goats home with a van'.  Yep.  That's how I figured it out.  Jason took the back seat of the van out, put a tarp down and duct taped it to the sides of the van.  Then he laid wood shavings down.  He also put up cardboard as a 'gate' to keep the goats from coming to the front of the van.  The three nannies were in the back and the kid was with our kids (lol) in the middle (the previous owner thought the baby may get smothered if she was back with the nannies while driving).  They hauled them home on a two hour drive.  They arrived safely and I couldn't wait to get out to see them (I stayed home with baby Ty because there wasn't room for all of us).  They are doing quite well in the barn and we are just waiting for the babies...

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