Thursday, August 29, 2013

Fall Treat - 'Boo Mix'

 I love Pinterest.  I won't deny it.  And the other day I spotted this fun Fall Treat called 'Boo Mix'.  Right away I knew my kids would love it (, too!).  So, tonight I told the kids we'd watch 'Little House on the Prairie' and I'd make a special treat for them while we watch it.  Pretty fun, huh!?!  All you need is these 4 items:
1 Box of Goden Grahams
Mini Marshmallows
Candy Corn
Butterscotch Chips*
Dump as much of those items into a bowl as you want and mix it up.  And, ta da! You have a fun Fall Treat you're whole family will love...and devour.
Why is it called 'Boo Mix'??  Here's why:
Golden Grahams = Monster Scabs
Marshmallows = Ghost Poop
Candy Corn = Goblin Teeth
Butterscotch Chips = Witch Warts
Who can resist a bite of that???   Not me, that's for sure!

*the original 'recipe' calls for chocolate chips, but I can't eat chocolate (I know...sad life) because it gives me migraines and dizziness.  So, I substituted butterscotch chips. 

I found this recipe at:

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