Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial on Wednesday - Teacher Gift

 I had a lot of fun making this Teacher Gift.  It's perfect for Christmas, end of year, or welcome back.  Pretty simple to make, too!  Clean out an empty soup can.  Then get out your paint (I used black acrylic paint that I had on hand).  Line the tip of the crayon up to just over the top edge and see how much at the bottom you need to paint (some cans you won't need to paint because the crayon will cover the entire can)  Paint the bottom edge of the soup can with two coats of paint, allowing for drying in between coats.
 Next get out your crayons your Tacky Glue.  You will want the 'Crayon' word to show, so put a strip of glue on the back side.  Stick to the can.  I glued about 6 crayons on at a time and allowed them to dry before rotating the can to add more crayons.
When you have the crayons all glued on and the glue is dried, tie a ribbon around the front and toss new pencils into the can.  Super Cute, if you ask me!  And what teacher isn't happy to have a few extra pencils on hand!?!

Soup Can (cleaned out and label removed)
Paint (if needed)
New Pencils
Large box of Crayons (I used a 10 3/4oz soup can and it took 28 crayons to cover it)

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