Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kitchen Towel

 I love pretty towels in my kitchen.  I love them more when I know they are uniquely made for my home.  I found these towels at Target (Love Target!).  They come in a four pack and are under $5.  Great quality and wear well through use and washing...a lot!  
 I went to my scraps of fabric and wanted something fun for the Spring/Summer months.  And something cheerful for my kitchen.  I love this orange fabric from the current quilt I am working on (and nearly completed!).  I make sure the length of the fabric hangs enough over the edge of the towel so that I can fold it under and iron it down for pinning/sewing.  The width of the fabric is cut to 5 inches and I fold those edges under about 1/4 inch.  your width can vary depending how how much boldness you want on your towel.  Pin the fabric in place.  Notice that I leave a nice 1 inch or so border at the bottom.  I like that there is a little white hanging out.  It breaks up the towel color.  I think it looks more professional...but maybe that's just me!
 Place the towel under your 'foot' and sew close to the edge.  I used white thread as I like that it doesn't just blend into the fabric.  Though orange thread would have been just as pretty...  Back stitch at the beginning and end.
 Hang it in your kitchen.  This towel is used for drying dishes.  I love the contrasting towels next to each other.  Brings a little sunshine to my kitchen, don't you think!?!
The white thread shows nicely and gives it more depth.

I enjoy whipping these up for me and for gifts! They take about 15 minutes to make, if that. Buy a couple packs of these towels at Target and get some sewn up to put in your 'gift drawer'.  You do have a 'gift drawer', don't you??  Perfect for a hostess gift, birthday gift, housewarming gift... The ideas are endless. 

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