Monday, November 18, 2013

How is My 'Stick to My List' Going?

I must say that I am loving sticking to my shopping list.  I truly do write down the essential(s) that I need at the store and only purchase those.  AND...another thing added along with this is that I am watching our gas budget as well. So, how am I doing with that?  I don't go anywhere!  I know when I have to go somewhere, what day I need to go, and then I plan my errands around that time.  No more quick trips here and there.  Our gas budget is really doing well!  I also utilize the discount from our local grocery store.  Each time I purchase groceries I receive a coupon for 5 cents - 6 cents off of gas.  It expires the next day, so I use it before it expires.  It may not save a lot of money at one fill time, but over time it will save money!  

What are you doing to save money? 

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