Wednesday, September 11, 2013


We purchased baby chicks shortly after we moved here.  Like a week. Ha!  Seriously.  Never had chickens before, but I've always wanted some.  Are they for eggs or for eating?  Eggs.  Thus, we have 'layers', to be more accurate.  Not broilers (for eating).  I'm getting the lingo down, can't you tell???  Anyway... our chickens are growing up and have gotten big enough that they are now 'free range' chickens, which means they are not fenced in at all times.  We let them roam our yard and they help us by eating the weeds and the bugs.  Just don't watch them eat the bugs, it'll turn your stomach.  So, the brave girls have now found a favorite roosting spot, which happens to be my nice outdoor furniture.  Ugh.  They sure look pretty on it, don't that?  I think they do, until I got closer and saw that they poo all over it.  Grrr...  I'll get over that, but the second they wander into my front yard and eat my flowers they might become broilers instead of layers. Lol.  They are actually quite fascinating to watch.  They aren't scared of much, but when they do get spooked you will see them all running for the coop.  Which is just hilarious to me!  I love looking out my window and all of a sudden the nice calm chickens that were in search of food all high tail it to the coop.  Too funny!  I am eager for them to get a bit older to start leaving eggs for us to go gather, but in the mean time I enjoy fresh eggs purchased from our neighbors (our neighbors live a mile away!  That's how it works out in the country...your neighbors live further than two steps away.)

How about you?  Any chicken stories, or other animal stories on the ranch, farm, or in town you'd like to share? 


  1. Well, well, well,my baby girl has grown up into a farm girl. I think it's great! As for your poultry, I always have been fond of chicks. Ha! Ha! Ha!

  2. I think that is a perfect picture but then of course we can't see the poo in the picture either - or the worms that they eat! :)

  3. Very pretty picture! Sarah