Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Tuesday Tutorial - Baby Minkie Ribbon Blankie

 I have been wanting to use minkie fabric for some time now and found the cutest idea!  This is a Baby Minkie Ribbon Blankie.  The fabric is so soft that I have heard babies love it and it becomes their favorite blanket.  

To Start:
cut two squares of minkie, 14"x14"
cut 3 different ribbons, 8 strips from each ribbon at 4" long
*I chose to use 3 different ribbons, you can choose as many as you'd like, just make sure that there will be 6 ribbon strips for each side.
above you see the 14" square minkie and the ribbon strips
 These are the ribbons I chose.  Super cute, don't you agree!!?!!
 And another look at the 14" square minkie (remember to cut two of these!)
 Fold the ribbon strips in half and pin to the right side of one of the minkie squares.  Pin a little higher than shown here so that when you start sewing and turning the blankie around, the pins won't be sewn into it.  Just a little tip I learned while making mine.  6 ribbons per side.
 When you have all the ribbons pinned to the sides, lay the other 14" minkie square on top, wrong side showing, as pictured above, and pin the sides together.
 Leave a good sized gap not pinned so that when you are done sewing your blankie together, you can turn it right side out.  Maybe 6 inches or so.
 Blurry picture, but this shows the straight stitch around (1/4" stitch) and then I went back around to zig zag to reduce raveling once it starts to get washed.  Also, snip the corners, being sure not to snip the straight stitch.  This helps make pointed corners instead of bunched up corners.  Once this is done, turn it right side out and sew a straight stitch along the very edge of the blanket to secure the gap you left for turning around and to secure the blanket  more.  Do this straight stitch all the way around.
 This is it!  Isn't it cute!  These are perfect for gifts for sure. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. I love that fabric and the colors and prints of the ribbons are so bright and eye catching.

    1. Thank you! I, too, like the light green. I could change up the ribbon with girly colors and keep the green minkie, too.