Thursday, September 5, 2013

Yard Sale SCORE!

A friend called me up yesterday and let me know that a few miles away was a huge yard sale.  You fill a grocery sack with what you can stuff in it and pay $3/bag.  Deal or What!?!?  So, after running a few errands this morning I headed East of town and found the yard sale.  Tons of items there.  I spent a good hour or so looking through and filling bags.  I filled 5 bags and had two items for 50 cents each on the side.  Total:  $16.  Can't beat that, can you!  Most of the 5 bags were filled with clothes for the kids.  Man, am I excited when I can get name brand clothes for next to nothing!  Now I get the fun of washing :)  

What kinds of deals have you found lately?


  1. I found an orange safety vest for my early morning walking hours - in the dark. It was only 3.50 at Good Will instead of 12.00 or more at WalMart. YEAH for deals!