Sunday, March 3, 2013

$20 Clothes Bargain!

On Friday I had $20 in my purse, a 25% Off Coupon, and headed off to Savers (a favorite thrift store of mine because it is clean, organized, and friendly!).  I wanted to see if I could find an outfit for $20 and I did!  I found two outfits for just under $20!  Two shirts, two skirts, and a cute necklace (laying on the shirt to the right).  I left with a smile on my face and my closet a little more stylish!  

I love to thrift shop!  Especially when I can find name brands (Banana Republic (shirt on left); New York and Co. (skirt on left)).  

Do you thrift shop?  If so, where is your favorite bargain spot?

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