Thursday, March 21, 2013

Amish Bread Starter

 Have you ever made Amish Bread Starter?  I have not made it.  I have been given it before, though.  I decided to start my own starter.  
First, dissolve 1 package yeast (2 1/4 tsp) in 1/4c. warm water for 10 minutes.
 In a gallon size bag, add 1c. flour and 1c. sugar.  Mix well.
Add to the dry ingredients 1c. milk.  Mix well.  Then add the yeast mixture.  Mix well.  

that is Day 1
Days 2-4: stir starter with wooden spoon
Day 5:  stir in 1c. flour, 1c. sugar, 1c. milk
Days 6-9:  stir only
Day 10:  stir in 1c. flour, 1c. sugar, 1c. milk.  
remove 1 cup to make first favorite Amish bread recipe
put 1c each in 2 little bags to give to friends (along with this process).
Store remaining 1c. starter in fridge OR begin 10 process over again.

I will let you know how I like it and what I've made!