Thursday, March 7, 2013

Cinnamon Toast and a $2 Wreath!

 I try to make my family a delicious breakfast each morning.  You know:  eggs, sausage, hash browns and something bready.  The past few days I've been making us Cinnamon Toast.  Here is the BEST way to make it:  Toast bread (We like Sara Lee's Honey Wheat), add quite a bit of butter...all the way to the edges (toast on right!), then take a spoonful of cinnamon/sugar mixture and sprinkle all over it!  Devour!  Oh my!  a regular piece of toast will never suffice again!  Try it!  I dare ya!
 I picked up this grape vine wreath and the scarf at the Dollar Tree ($2 purchase, +tax, of course).  I wanted to put something cute in the kids/guest bathroom.  As you can see from the bright yellow paint, the bathroom is quite cheerful.  I wrapped the scarf around and tied it in a bow.  Tada!
As I have been out shopping and my eyes are drawn to certain things, I have discovered a pattern...have you?  From the wreath above and this pile of clothes, fabric, and quilt I made, what is the pattern?  Take a guess....

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