Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Yarn Wreath Tutorial

 First, purchase your foam wreath and yarn of your choice.  I chose green for St Patricks Day and it goes great all Spring...
 Note the price tag.  $1.97 off of the original price.  I love a good deal...
 Tie a knot in the back of your wreath.  Wrap and wrap and wrap the yarn around the wreath.  I went two times around to make sure I covered all of the foam up.  Tie another knot in the back.
 All done wrapping.  It's tedious work...
 This is what is left of the yarn.
 I had some fabric left from a drop cloth (I love drop cloth fabric!) and I cut out triangles to the size I wanted and wrote 'Welcome' on it with a Sharpie.  You can make your flag say what you want.  'Happy Spring', 'Hello', 'Good By'.  the choices are endless...
 I glued the triangles onto some skinny cream colored yarn with regular Elmer's Glue stick.  Worked like a charm.
 I took a long piece of fabric and cut a 1 inch strip (I don't know the exact length, but the longer the length the bigger the flower.  Iron it in half.
 Twist it up a few times and put a dot of hot glue so it sticks in place.
 Twist it every turn and add another dot of glue.
 When you get to the end of the fabric, leave a little tail.
 Glob some hot glue on the back of your flower.
 Open up the tail and press it into the hot glue.
I used some cute little clothes pins to hang the 'welcome' sign up with.  Hot glue the clothes pins in place.  Hot glue the flowers in place.  TaDaaaaaa!  You now have a pretty Spring wreath!


  1. What a cute wreath! I love the little flowers and the mini bunting. Adorable! ~Angela~

  2. Thank you, Angela! It was fun to make. I am always looking for something to add to the front door :)