Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rag Wreath Tutorial

 First, find a bunch of fabrics in your fabric stash.  If you want a certain color theme (i.e. all green) then look for fabrics in that color.  I just found a bunch of different fabrics with many colors.  Although, it would be fun to make Holiday ones:  green for St. Patrick's Day, red for Valentine's Day, Red/White/Blue for 4th of July... 
Iron the fabrics and then cut them into 1 inch x 7 inch strips. 
 I took a wire hanger from our closet and  bent it into a circle.  Use pliers for that process...unless you are super strong to bend out all the little kinks...  You can cut off the hook at the top or leave it on if that's how you want to hang it up.  I cut mine off with a wire cutter on my pliers.  Then, the fun part:  start tying the fabric strips on.  I didn't knot it.  One tie does the trick and makes it less bulky.
Hang it up!  I hung ours on our bedroom door.  I like how it perked up our room :)

This is a pretty simple project but so much fun!  
Happy Tying!!

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