Saturday, March 23, 2013

Product Review: Fons & Porter Machine Quilting Grip Gloves

I am new to quilting.  I had learned about quilting gloves before I started quilting.  I just didn't really 'get' the reason for them.  Why would someone need quilting gloves to quilt?  Well...I have found out.  I picked up these Fons & Porter Quilting Grip Gloves and was excited to see how much they benefited me.  

I am very pleased with Fons & Porter gloves.  These are light weight.  I was concerned I would feel like I was wearing winter gloves.  But they don't!  Fons & Porter made these easy to pull on, light weight, and with grips to better control your quilt while machine quilting.  

I had to take these gloves off to put a new bobbin in my machine.  When I was ready to start quilting again, I forgot to put the gloves back on.  My hands slipped and I did not have good control of my quilt.  I was even more impressed with Fons & Porter gloves after that.  I put them back on and was able to control my quilting.  

I am hooked!  I love my Fons & Porter Quilting Grip Gloves!

You can win a pair for yourself!  All you have to do is leave a comment on this post about your quilting gloves or anything related to sewing.  The WINNER will be announced on Saturday April 6th!!


  1. I have been really curious about these ever since I first heard of them. I have always wanted to try them!! I have never used quilting gloves, so I'm very curious. Thanks for sharing and please enter me in the contest! ~Angela~

  2. I have done a little quilting but never used quilting gloves. Please enter me in on your contest! MOM

  3. I haven't used quilting gloves before -they look like they would be a big help!

  4. These gloves sound helpful, Leah. Please enter me in the contest. But what is a quilt? Ha! Ha! He! Ho! Ho!

  5. You inspire me on so many levels - many that are more important than quilting! But you have had me thinking about it more. :-) Sarah

  6. I would love to replace the garden gloves that I use for quilting with the Hons and Porter Gloves. Please enter me in the contest!